Our top premium membership does not expire until you have moved. That’s a promise!!

Your exchange details will be stored in a
member profile until you have moved house
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Your exchange profile

All members get one of these profiles when joining exchange forum community. Even if you don’t place an advert or just want to look around for a while you will be advertising your exchange to the premium members.

Posting an advert

All members can post your advert into our approvals forum. Once we have checked your advert we will move this into the County that you live. We recommend all users post an advert if you want to advertise to other Free members. This is because free members can not search profiles.

Searching profiles for matches

If you become a premium member then this will be the best way to find your mutual exchange. It will save you so much time and is far easier than browsing thousands of adverts. When you log in we have a quick search menu on the left to search profiles of ALL members wanting your area.