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which really is like 2 sites in 1
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Why choose exchange forum free community?

Because we have created a unique site that suits everybody.

Some people like forum style websites and browsing adverts through a public discussion message board.

Exchange forum provides this for FREE

also we have..

Some people like powerful searches and want to spend less time than it takes to look through thousands of adverts. We also have this system like another well known site but we are better because our free members don’t need their landlord to pay for our services.

....so exchange forum is two sites in one, free forums for all members and search and match for paid premium members.

We have over 1000 members.

Join our premium membership now to access every single member.

Go to the left,click 4 times, hey presto, matches arrive by magic...........how hard can that be..............yeah you can go deeper than that, but for a quick look, thats cool.....i like searching

on the old place for the 'you never know' properties, but even over here,its all done for you......whats not to understand???...its like opening a treasure chest and out the properties all pop..........how hard can that be??? another great idea by you

Mummysprincess - Exeter

I couldn't agree more mummysprincess .... this is an excellent site and so relaxed

I do like it over the other site .... but here it's much more laid back

I think it's really simple and easy to use .... well it was once I had listened to the tutorials

I am well happy to be part of this great site!

joyceannett - Dartford

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