Exchange Forum needs Council Support

Why we need your support

Exchange Forum is an extremely busy service that supports your tenants and their community. If you are interested in supporting our community and the valuable work we do then there are many ways you can help. It does not matter if you can help us financially or without finance.


Make sure your tenants are aware of our service

It does not cost you anything to add our link onto your website. It should be very easy for your webmaster or the content manager for your website to add Exchange Forum in your housing section. Please use the contact page for landlords if there is anything we can do to help. We can also offer you files which you can print to ensure your tenants know about the full council house exchange service we offer. These will soon be available to our partners through the new website.

Spare some time to become involved

It will only cost you a little of your time if you would like to contribute to our website and community. It is a know fact that the majority of council websites are large and complicated. One of the benefits of Exchange Forum is that we only do social housing and therefors sometimes tenants find the information they need is easier to get from us. Our new website is going to enable social landlords to become involved and supply us with articles and content. Even better is the fact that we can give you an account to be able to interact on our blog with tenants.

It’s a great opportunity to help us give tenants the best possible service and information but also provide you with important feedback from your tenants. If you have a member of staff that would like to contribute or feel that we can help each other please contact us.

Support us financially as a partner

Exchange Forum often struggles for support from members. We care about your tenants and always try to give them the best service we possibly can. By becoming a partner of our Community you can help to support the future of the vital services we offer. Remember that we don’t just provide a system that puts people together for an exchange. We promote interaction between members.

The difference with a community is we all support each other. So many of your tenants become valuable friends with each other. Your tenants are cared for after moving unlike many other online services.

In return for supporting us financially we can offer you cost effective solutions to ensure your tenants gain the extra features of paid community members. Our packages for landlords who wish to become our partners are fair and extremely cost effective compared to other paid services.

Please contact us for a range of services we can provide for you or your tenants of social council housing.