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Benefits of using the Community for your homeswap

  • Free membership so everybody is welcome
  • Search and Match for Premium Members
  • Active members serious about finding an exchange
  • Create an Exchange profile to complete once and no inconvenience of managing adverts
  • Full privacy to organise your exchange via email or private messages
  • Nobody will have any opportunity to interfere with your exchange like on the forums
  • The safest and most secure exchange website you will find

We are confident you have experienced these problems below or will do soon on other websites

  • If you have used or do use other websites you will know that people start arranging their own exchanges on your advert.
  • You will also know that if someone wants your home and you don’t want their home they have ways to interfere with your exchange contacts replying on your ads.
  • You will also know people can make public replies about the area you live and influence your rights to an exchange.
  • Finally you will know how hard it is when people keep asking for more details or offering you areas that you do not want.

All the above problems are resolved through our New community format website.

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Free Exchange forums for everybody

About Our Homeswap Forums at Exchange Forum by CCHE

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  • Advertise your Mutual Exchange for FREE in our forums
  • Familier forum style system
  • The only forums organised by number of bedrooms
  • Properties listed by Region and not Counties so a larger area is covered around your ideal location. You then might just spot something that gets you closer to your ideal town, city or county.
  • Private message system which leaves a list just like a personal conversation.

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