Housing Associations

We don’t get enough support from housing associations

If you are a member of staff from a housing association taking a look at what we offer your tenants then you could help us to offer them even more.

Unfortunately most of our exchanges do come from Council House Tenants and not as many from housing associations, rsl’s or almos. We would certainly like the forums to be more balanced. There are certainly ways you can help us and also all our social housing tenants will benefit if you can increase the exposure of this website.

It does not take much to add our link onto your website or even give us a feature and small write-up. If you can help us in any way then please contact us through the website to let us know what you are doing and we will certainly work with you. If your housing association does have a website then it would benefit your tenants enourmously to tell them about us.

An important point to consider is that we do not cost you anything per year, in fact we do not cost you anything at all. We don’t claim to compete with homeswapper but they charge landlords and mainly cater for housing associations. We would welcome your association tenants to come join us at exchange forum. It’s more exchange opportunites for everyone.

We also allow all members the opportunity to add their own exchange to the forums immediately after signing up and completely free.

Exchange forum does need revenue to keep the site going and the only way we have managed this is to also offer members the choice to support us with a paid membership giving them extra features.

If you have decided to help us with any of the above then we will certainly support your tenants and look after them for you. Depending upon the level of help and support you can give us then we could also work with you to give your own tenants a discount on the paid services.

We look forward to hearing from you.