It’s very unfortunate that some tenants exchange homes and upon moving in, the home is in a very messy or neglected condition.

Before a move is allowed councils or housing associations are extremely thorough in checking the homes for exchanges. Normally any defects etc have to be corrected before moves go ahead. Isn’t basic cleanliness and hygiene also important?

What an upsetting experience a move can be for any family to move into a property where the basic standards of living has slipped.

Maybe landlords could consider this a major downfall in the whole procedure. Should cleanliness and basic hygiene be part of an inspection and also much nearer to the moving date?

Understandably if an exchange could not go through at shorter notice than at present, would that be more annoying than moving into a home that needed extensive cleaning for the health and safety of a family?[ad#Google 200×200 right]

Were there any signs when you viewed the property and did you still want to take the risk of exchanging with them?

It might be that the standards drop when an exchange is approved and going through to be completed. Over the many years we have helped make lots of exchanges and although most members end up happy in their new homes some have to overcome horror stories after moving.

We’ve addressed some of these situations above but how can things be improved. Should landlords be more active or do you think you could have done things differently during the setting up of your move that might have brought the potential problems to your attention before moving.

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You never know your social landlord might see some constructive information.