A while ago somebody posted on Exchange Forums that you can list your mutual exchanges on ebay. The topic did generate some interest with members.

I was on ebay the other day looking for some items for our dog and realised how much you can tell from feedback.

It then occured to me that all these people posting exchanges on ebay are also giving away so much personal information. Some people might think I am just using this post to plug the services of exchange forum.

[ad#Google 200×200 right]Give this some thought though about having an exchange advert on ebay.

Imagine getting an enquiry and some says the like the photos and is really serious about your house. They start by just asking for your postcode to research the area. You think that sounds ok, you do this all the time on exchange sites or even our Exchange forum.

They could probably with this information establish where specialprizeyou live. You are still thinking they can do this on our forums?

Maybe that is so but if they are of a dodgy nature they are also armed with some information about you from your feedback.

[ad#Google 200×200 left]Some examples you might not of thought of, but think about your own feedback from the viewpoint of a stranger that knows where you live:-
Adult items bought are all womans?
Got children, sizes of clothes, toys, boys items, girls items?
Holiday Items? maybe going away soon
Nice TV bought or gadgets?

You could probably work out quite a lot if you look at your own feedback.

Please stay safe online and use proper exchanges sites. We don’t have unregistered users looking at your adverts. Everybody has to join and log-in.

It’s not just us doing this, many of the other exchange websites are too. If you are not happy just using us for an exchange then please stick to other proper council house exchange websites.

To be honest it might even be just exploiting the ebay system for exchanges. It’s not really something you can sell or is a proper transaction.

As always on our blog you are welcome to comment.

Maybe you agree or maybe you think I’m being dramatic?

Either way I stand by the fact exchange sites are best. Most people find Exchange Forum anyway.