Fact: Around 2000 people sleep on the streets every night in the UK.

Fact: Approximately 130,000 people are homeless in the UK.

We are safe and snug in our homes (regardless of whether you want to exchange properties or not) and don’t really pay attention to the people who are without a home to call their own.

This blog isn’t about homelessness. This blog isn’t about the desperate need the UK has for more social housing.

This blog is about the classic “benefit drop”.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s it was quite a widely publicised practice for the benefit cheat. Get the property. Get the benefits. Live elsewhere. We don’t hear about it quite so much now. Benefits get paid straight in to bank accounts and the amount of paperwork and identity checks a potential new tenant goes through is enough to make a grown man cry. Yet it does still go on.

[ad#Google 200×200 right]My question is this: With the chronic shortage of social housing in the UK, if you knew or suspected a property wasn’t being lived in would you report your suspicions to your council or housing association?

I would. I have done. Somebody in dire need can make use of that property.

Would you or wouldn’t you?

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Author: CCHE Deb