Add photo attachments to your forum post

We have decided to run a trial of allowing free members to add some photos to your exchange forum post for free.

However we can’t allow everbody to view these photos because of the demands upon our server. We don’t get any external funding from anybody and only just manage to meet our server bills by offering paid memberships.

The last thing we need during these tough times is to have to pay for a bigger server again.

It’s still worth adding photos to increase your chances of an exchange. Our elite members will be able to access these and you will find you should get a lot more offers of an exchange.

You will see the attachment options when you edit or write your house exchange advert.

Try it out and you might just decide you want to upgrade so that you can add more photos. The free space is limited on size but generally depending upon the size of your images you might get about 3 photos on your advert for free.

If you want more photos then you will need to upgrade but remember in doing so you help support this site and keep this valuable service going.

Nobody else is supporting us, only the valuable Elite members.