Exchanging your home for improved disabled / adapted property features

It’s a fact that the debt the government has is going to create big cuts in sector spending probably for some time.

You might be thinking that you might not be affected that much but there are knock on effects of this. The worst cuts will probably start to be seen next year and 2010 will not have the spending of recent times.

Recent years there have probably been a lot of updates to homes on your council or social housing estate or even some modernisation to homes you have lived in.

For most people we can just make do with the cuts or learn to tolerate items that we would normally have had no problem getting done.

[ad#Google 200×200 left]For people needing adaptations for disability it is often something that equates to an easier standard of living. You might think these types of needs would not be cut but indeed they are. I have witnessed this already within my family circle.

A relative had several items scheduled to be done this year before the end of 2009. The relative has already been told that it’s just not possible now for all the items to be completed and to select upon the level of needs for priority.

So really I am saying that the impact of cuts in spending can already be seen.

The only option for some people might be to try and exchange to a property that is completely suitable for your needs. Obviously not everybody wants to move but if it improves the way of life for a disability then it’s certainly an option that can be looked into.

[ad#Google 200×200 right]We at exchange forum community are certainly helping with this. We make an effort to record if properties are adapted for disabled.

The search for a match includes common features you might be looking for in a property.

We have been in exchanges for many years now and we know the importance to give everybody a fair chance.

If your social housing property does not have all the adaption’s you need or your circumstances changed and the funding is not available to modify your home then give exchange forum a try.

Because exchange forum does cover the whole of the UK we might just have more choices for you. You might also find you don’t have to move too far and your exchange could dramatically improve your lifestyle when you think there are no options.

If your landlord is only providing you with regional exchange details then you need to be using us and then maybe one day they will take notice of the hard work we are putting into making more exchanges possible.