Tenants use so many websites in desperation to find the right house exchange as quickly as possible. There are so many choices of sites, some of them are free and some of them are not. Then there are some sites that offer both to free and paid users.

Which site should you use? The one with the most members? The one with the most exchanges? Maybe just the free ones or the cheapest paid site?

We don’t have the magic answer at Exchange Forum but we can offer you advise based upon us being the most experienced exchange website.

If you are just starting out then we can tell you why it’s good to support www.exchangeforum.co.uk

We do have a free and a paid service which means we can attract both of these levels for exchanges.

[ad#Google 200×200 left]Exchange forum is managed by a team of volunteers who are experienced because they are made up of tenants who may of exchanged or used our services. This means the exchange forum team know exactly how you feel.

Many websites have advanced features but there will not be many that are as interactive as exchange forum. With us you will find you will get to know other members and also the team working on the forums. As a community there is always one of our other members, a fellow exchange tenant that is around for a chat or support in the forums.

Just because a website boasts high statistics it does not mean that those members are active. We used to display the highest statistics you would ever see on a site. As we have said earlier that we have been running for nearly 10 years so we might of been able to boast for example 350’000 members by now. What we do though is ensure that the statistics on our site are active members. We do not keep old accounts to increase our stats. Unusued member accounts are frozen at 30 days of being inactive and deleted after 60 days. We don’t fool you.

We do have to restrict the features of our free exchange account members to encourage people to upgrade. We are not funded by any other sources so it’s very important that we have our paid members. Without our paid elite members we could never keep this website going.

[ad#Google 200×200 right]Most of all if you are going to pay for exchange services then make sure that you pay with a site that you trust. We do hide the content of the adverts because it protects our members information from people who are not logged in. You can however still signup and view all this content and exchanges before you pay and upgrade your account. so with us you can see what you are getting.

I certainly myself would not hand over money to a website where the content is hidden and you do not know what you are going to get. It might be old or out of date or you might just not get the quality you expected.

Register at exchange forum today to find your exchange with the experienced and friendly team within an active community of council tenants.