The 2010 Decent Homes Standard

I should imagine most Council and Housing Association tenants have heard of this government initiative to bring all homes up to standard by the year 2010.

In your own property this might include one or all of the following: double glazing, new kitchens, bathrooms, electrical rewires and heating systems.

[ad#Google 200×200 right]Some landlords choose to do the work in a property “all in one go” and some choose to do “one thing at a time”.  Personally, having gone through the “one thing at a time” option, I’m not entirely sure whether I could have coped with them doing the re-wire, the double glazing and the central heating all in one go. But hey, you may as well get all the mess in one hit I suppose.

What I’m more interested in is how far has your landlord got in completing all the work?

My council, Birmingham City Council, I’m pleased to say is 96% finished. That’s nearly 69,000 properties brought up to standard. They will complete them all by March 2010.

So do you know where yours stands?

Are you a landlord that has completed already or a landlord that is struggling to complete?

As always we welcome your comments on this article.

Author: CCHE Deb