It might be the month of Christmas but don’t let that House Exchange slip away to somebody else.

Your Exchange, could be the best Christmas Present ever!

“I want a train set” shouted Billy. “I want a new dolly” screamed Sally.

“I want to exchange this house – it’s too small” cried Mum.

So why aren’t you looking then? Ok, Christmas is just around the corner. Presents to buy, cake still to bake and decorations still to be put up etc. Yep …. I understand all of that but is it really an excuse to put your mutual home exchange search on hold? I don’t think so.

Many many people have moved over the Christmas period. Even more have found their exchange over Christmas and moved in the New Year. It is actually a good time to search and find your match. School holidays – so viewing with the whole family can be done. More time to prepare  your move – Although the 42 day rule still applies – with all the bank holidays it will probably take 7 – 8 weeks rather than 6 to organise, thus giving you more time to pack boxes, arrange removal vans and change the kid’s schools.

So what are you waiting for? If you are not looking for your mutual home exchange, it’s hardly likely to fall into your lap. Nobody ever said it was easy – for most it is darned hard work – but worth the effort. So whilst your cake is baking and the kids are decorating the tree, pop online & do a quick search. You no longer have to search through thousands of ads – not when sophisticated search and match tools are available now. Remember we now have two services on one website. Both available from the main page.

Your new house is out there – waiting for you to search for it. Now wouldn’t that be the best Christmas present ever?