Pre Payment Key meters cost more for Gas and Electric

It has to be acknowledged that some of the UK’s poorest people live in Social Housing. Some of these very same people use pre-payment meters to pay for their energy charges. Ofgem, the energy market regulator, introduced new rules which prevent energy suppliers from charging prepay customers more then the cost of maintaining their meters. [ad#Google 200×200 right]These rules have actually saved customers £100 million a year. But and it’s a big but – the energy suppliers can still charge more for the energy supplied. British Gas for instance charge an extra £40 more for the fuel used. One million customers are still paying more for their gas solely because they are on a pre-payment meter. How unjust and unfair is that?

Whilst there is a campaign to ensure that all homes are insulated and energy saving materials and items used, it has to be said that a lot of social housing seriously falls behind in this area.

If you want to get involved in this campaign, write to your MP, British Gas or your supplier.

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