Using Free Exchange Sites

Here at Exchange Forum which is operated by CCHE you will find plenty of choices for finding your mutual exchange. We have many free homeswap websites which should give you the best chance to find your exchange with CCHE.

Below you will find our list of free council exchange websites but there is also one word of caution with the free sites. That is our term “window shoppers“.

Window Shoppers or Serious Home Swapper?

[ad#Google 200×200 left]We love our free websites and this is why we provide so many options. What you need to prepare yourself for when using all these sites is working out who the serious home swappers are from our “window shoppers”. Because the websites are free it means everybody can use them, even just to come and have a look around. Some will just express interest with as many people as possible and open up lots of “possible” opportunites. Some will even go as far as viewing properties just to have a look but not really sure if they want to move anyway.

Don’t think that we are saying free sites are bad because we would not run so many ourselves if we thought that. What we want to do is just give you an insight into what goes on so that you can choose if a free site is for you or if you would prefer to use our paid premium members only website. You can see our Community Article to learn why it reduces the timewasting.

Free Council Exchange Forums

Free UK Classifieds Websites for Exchanges

CCHE Regional Exchanges for Local homeswaps