Why should homeswapper be the only choice for Tenants?

It’s a question we are continually asking ourselves in our challenge to get some attention and provide you all with free services.

Sorry we have chosen Homeswapper!

This is something we feel we hear too often. We are offering a cheaper option for landlords and cutting the homeswapper prices because we really want to start providing our services for free. We might not have the income or the funds to compete with them, but we can offer a prefectly good working alternative option at a far cheaper price. We also don’t have a team of full time employees so we can keep our costs down.

Sorry we already use Homeswapper!

So?, we don’t mind running alongside them. It’s not a problem for us. Surely the most improtant aspect is that your landlord provides you the best opportunies to find a homeswap. Our services are so cost effective there is no reason why they can’t provide us as well so you really do have lots of options.

As a tenant what do you think?

We are more than happy to be an additional option for you. We think it would be great if landlords had a choice of schemes and you could choose which one you wanted to use or both.

We certainly will attract different paid members to homeswapper and they will have different members to us. This is bound to happen so by you having access to both services for free would give you the highest possible chance to move.

So let us know what you think. We have a great service here with different features and different exchanges. It’s not like they would be paying for the same thing twice. Give tenants choices to move.