Council House Exchanges for December 2010

Happy new year to all our members and best of luck with your exchange in 2011. Thank you to the members that took up our 50% once only offer on Premium Membership which was only available until 31/12/2010. You already benefit by upgrading with access to 126 completed profiles this month alone which have not used the free forums to advertise.

Exchange Forum Community is now only providing statistics instead of our usual full member reports. This is because we have now incorporated our old FREE exchange forums into the website. Therfore we can’t publish the profile information in the same type of detail as when we only had paid members.

Some Interesting Facts and Figures for December

  • 266 members have joined this month
  • 23 have posted a free advert in the forums
  • 243 members have not bothered with a free advert
  • 117 have not yet completed their profile

Profiles MUST be completed and then access to the free forums is granted.

Premium Benefits

This month there are 126 extra exchanges available for Premium Members through profiles.

Site Total Stats

  • We have 1765 members
  • 1031 members with completed profiles & free forum access
  • 157 Adverts posted in the free forums