It’s almost 16 years exactly when we launched community council house exchange which became know as CCHE for short. We are extremely proud to say we were the very first online service for mutual exchanges.
Today this has innovation has lead to a very large amount of mutual exchange websites. Unfortunately most are created by companies with the revenue and resources to create their own dedicated systems. These companies are all looking to make profits from tenants, landlords or both as well as meeting their high costs for all the investment they put in.
CCHE as a community grew massively in the first decade and the community members funded the cost of maintaining the service.
There are now so many mutual exchange websites (good and bad ones), on the internet now that the potential of exchanging house has become diluted. Although it’s good to have choice it also means that everyone is using different websites. Some services are funded by landlords which then encourages all their tenants to use the funded service. Other tenants might choose a site of preference and some tenants might use multiple sites. The fact is that things are not like they used to be and we want to start trying to get as many tenants as we can in one place.
This is why we are bringing our old house exchange forums back to life. With a diluted amount of exchangers all using different sites has meant it’s quieter here than it should be. On the positive side this enables us to relaunch our old free forums. With things quiet we have been able to downgrade our server and find it easier to cope with our expenses.
So… get yourselves on our free council house exchange forums today. Once you register for free it would benefit everybody if you get your exchange posted on the forums.
The forum system is so simple and it just works easily. Some of the exchange sites out there today are just so complicated. We’ve done our research and have read many good and bad points about the main ones.
If you have been here with us before then welcome back. Take a look in our success stories forum going back years and see if there are any old names you remember.