This horrendous, traumatic and unimaginable disaster has shocked us all. I hope that eventually the Crown Prosecution Service get around to dealing with all who are responsible. I think there are many with blood on their hands.
However, I have no intention of talking about the cladding and gas pipes etc – we can see it on the television or in the newspapers. What I want to talk about is our own safety – in our own homes. A faulty fridge freezer has just destroyed a tower block and taken 80 lives (so far). I will say it again. A faulty fridge freezer started a fire that killed 80 people, destroyed a tower block, destroyed peoples lives and made hundreds homeless. A simple and innocuous fridge freezer.
We all have lots of pieces of electrical equipment in our homes. From ovens to hairdriers and cookers to phone chargers. We use them all on a daily basis. But how many of us are using electrical items knowing that one of our items may have a fault? May be that the charger wire has got loose or the cooker is standing on the wire but we can’t be bothered to lift it off. I know I have 2 pieces. One is a wall socket which sparks when switched on. The other is my mobility scooter charger which gets so hot I cannot pick it up. My landlord has now dealt with the socket. The charger will hopefully be dealt with next week. 3 days after the Grenfell Tower fire, I realised that we can all have an accident that could cause the death of another person but I wanted to minimise any issues that my social housing property may have and fix any issues that my appliances might have.
So, if you too were horrified by what happened at Grenfell Tower, do yourself and your neighbours a favour and get your electricals checked out if you think something has a problem. Please check wires. Does your puppy or kitten like chewing wires? Do you have a socket that is less than a metre from a tap? Why does that light bulb keep burning out? Please, just check things out. For your own safety and for the safety of others.
I know that I honestly don’t think I could live with myself if an electrical appliance of mine was ultimately responsible for killing my friends and neighbours and burning down my row of homes. Could you?
And one final thing. To the scumbag(s) who tried to cheat genuine victims out of the money the government had set aside for them, your God will deal with you. Thats if outraged people don’t do it first.

May I also say that the words that I have written are my own personal thoughts and views.